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Discover Sea Greens Falafel

An adventurous twist on a classic dish

Our Sea Greens Falafel shows how to be creative with natural ingredients and create a healthier version of a classic dish. 

Market Insights 

For the majority of consumers, a healthy diet has become the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Data from Innova Insights 2022 global surveys shows that over 50% of respondents are more aware of the importance of ''doing it in a healthy way'' and are keen to try suitable alternatives.  


More generally, what the data shows is that consumers’ demand for healthier food products is extending to new categories. Most consumers believe that foods and beverages, including snacks, can be improved nutritionally, although they should still taste delicious, confirming the importance of great flavor and texture as purchase drivers. 


These high expectations push food brands to develop better-for-you products that boost nutritional profiles or limit ingredients that are perceived as unhealthy. 

Concept Highlights 

  • Healthy Boost 
  • Source of protein and high in fibre 
  • See Greens Benefit 
  • Salty seaweed high in minerals and vitamin 
  • Natural Movement 
  • Unique umami taste with natural ingredients 


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