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IMCD x Ministry of Defence: FSII technology sets new standards in aviation safety

IMCD proudly announces a collaboration with the Ministry of Defence for the supply of Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) for the next four years. This partnership presents an exciting challenge for IMCD, as it aims to enhance the performance and safety of the ministry's air fleet and ensure optimal operational capabilities.

Ice formation in fuel systems threatens the performance and safety of aircraft under cold weather conditions. The crystallization of ice in fuel systems can disrupt the flow of fuel and, in extreme cases, result in engine shutdown. FSII is an innovative fuel additive designed to prevent ice crystal formation in aircraft fuel systems.

The FSII formula has undergone rigorous testing and received NATO approval, signifying that the product meets the highest performance and safety standards. By effectively preventing ice crystal formation, FSII ensures a continuous fuel flow, safeguarding the operational capabilities of military aircraft.

IMCD is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the Ministry of Defence's Equipment and IT Command. Together with the Ministry of Defence, IMCD seeks to set new standards in aviation safety and performance. This partnership represents a mutual commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancements in the aviation industry.