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New! Natural Colour Toolbox for your next Confectionary developmentšŸ­

A spectrum of natural colours spanning all the shades of the rainbow

Increase your product innovation success rate by using our Natural Colour Toolbox for your Confectionery products

Consumers want indulgence and naturalness at the same time. Recent research shows that 55% of European consumers prefer to have confectionary products without artificial colouring, and 62% indicates they want colouring to be natural.   

With the launch of our Natural Colour Toolbox for confectionary you can experience how the best of nature has been converted to support in the design of visually appealing and clean label confectionary products

What sets our natural colour selection apart from others?

1.    Offering a spectrum of colours spanning all the shades of the rainbow
2.    Overcoming stability challenges with our innovative miChroma          technology.
3.    Crafting our colours using natural, clean, and recognizable ingredients.
4.    Staying at the forefront of colour advancements and technologies, such as our 'Ultimate Spirulina collection' featuring captivating blue and green blends that are also thehalose-free.
5.    Providing comprehensive application support, including idea generation, stability testing, and sensorial analysis