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New Partnership Announcement: IMCD and Meatless

We are excited to announce a new partnership between IMCD and Meatless, now part of Beneo. Meatless offers the food industry unique texturized plant-based ingredients from a broad spectrum of grains and pulses as a base, including whole foods.  

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What to look forwards to in this partnership?



IMCD and Meatlesss, part of Beneo, share a common goal in offering ingredients that help food companies to stay ahead of the curve in terms of offering healthier and more sustainable food options, while also providing the opportunity to create innovative and exciting new products.



Through this partnership, both IMCD and Meatless will have opportunities to reach out to more customers who develop products that meet modern demand on subjects like sustainability and health. 



With our combined knowledge and experience, we want to inspire our customers with a broad variety of plant-based textures that have different qualities compared to others. Meatless is currently producing rice, fava bean, wheat, pea, quinoa and more varieties are to come. These unique texturized ingredients are versatile and can be used in different applications. 



We are very excited to continue inspiring discovery together with our partners, now even more with the arrival of this new portfolio! 

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