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100% Bio-based Polymeric Plasticizers from Emery Oleochemicals ♻️

EDENOL® 2178 and EDENOL® 2192 as a sustainable bio-based polymer plasticizer alternative. Explore all benefits and learn more!⬇️

Polymeric plasticizers are commonly used in applications that require increased flexibility, durability and resistance to heat. They are high-quality building blocks used in plastics, rubbers and adhesives because they offer:

higher molecular weight
improved resistance to undesired migration or exudation 
tailored compatability

EDENOL® 2178 and EDENOL® 2192 are recently launched 100% bio-based polymeric plasticizers with excellent performance in bioplastics and PVC applications. The two products differ in their molecular weight, and consequently in their viscosity. EDENOL® 2178 and EDENOL®  2192 can be used on its own, or in combination with the other, or with another different plasticizer.