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Tasty Tuesday: Chicken Flavours & White Colouring

Each month, IMCD selects a new colour, taste and/or natural ingredient based on market trends and in line with the demands of the final consumer. Feel free to discover this month’s sweethearts and reach out if these fit into any of your projects.

Plant based chicken

What’s Driving Consumer Choices Today?


Plant-based chicken has huge potential simply because chicken is such a well-loved versatile and common protein in consumer’s diets. New technologies for enhancing taste, texture and colour allow brands to deliver great plant-based chicken.


Taste is ultimately the most important factor when it comes to making a product consumers will enjoy. Adapting our flavour-first approach for plant-based chicken ensures consumers won’t have to compromise on taste. Beyond taste, a growing base of consumers also prefers to see ‘’clean label’’ innovation when it comes to plant-based, so the fewer and more recognizable ingredients, the better.


Our natural white colouring solutions (alternatives to TiO2*) tap right into that consumer demand.


*Titanium dioxide is no longer authorized as a food additive across Europe

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