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Jun 22, 2023


WACKER and IMCD join forces during the Concrete Canoe Race

The BetonKanoRace is an annual event organized by the United Building and Structural Engineering Association (U-BASE) of TU Delft for students studying civil engineering and architecture.

It is a unique race in which participants use self-made canoes made of concrete. Through this race, the students aim to showcase that concrete offers many more possibilities beyond its traditional use in foundations and floors.

For months, hundreds of enthusiastic students work on building a canoe that is fast, sustainable, and innovative. They combine their knowledge and skills in education, technology, and sports to create a canoe that is both powerful and smart. The Concrete Canoe Race is an event that brings together education, technology, camaraderie, and sports.

This year, the Concrete Canoe Race took place on a sunny day on May 13th. IMCD Benelux collaborated once again with WACKER Chemie to recommend and supply the raw materials for U-BASE's canoes. Naturally, we are proud to see both our logos on their shirts.

The Concrete Canoe Race is not just a race, but also a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among students, teachers, and professionals in the industry. The event offers participants the opportunity to expand their networks and learn from others who share the same passion for concrete.