MICROPERL Solid Glass Spheres are high performance functional fillers & extenders offering unique advantages when used in thermoplastic and thermoset systems. They are used by formulators in automotive, aerospace, chemical, electronic and other industries to enhance performance and reduce reject rates in production, and to improve thermoplastic and thermoset properties. These products disperse evenly, pack closely and wet-out easily in resin compounds. They are available uncoated, or coated with coupling agents suited to a wide variety of resin chemistries


  • Process Benefits
  • Lowest surface to volume ratio
  • High loading capacity
  • Improved lubricity
  • Increased mold flow
  • Uniform dispersion
  • Lower shrinkage and warpage
  • Product Benefits
  • Improved surface hardness and scratch resistance
  • Higher flexural modulus
  • Improved stress distribution
  • Excellent chemical resistance

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