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Empowering 24 markets with sustainable solutions

Our Advanced Materials Business Group product portfolio is comprised of 24 markets around the globe, including Automotive, Packaging, Medical, Building & Construction, Industrial, and more. But despite the vast scope of these markets, everyone is aiming to answer the same question: How can we move our business towards more sustainable practices?


With ever-evolving demands, regulations, and sustainability targets, this is often not an easy question to answer. That is why we work closely with our customers to help them navigate the complexities of green solutions and support their journey towards more sustainable product development. By combining our market intelligence, technical expertise, and product know-how, we can reduce the complexity around sustainable solutions and guide our customers in making the right choices for their unique products.

“ We empower our customers with the knowledge and resources they need to create innovative and sustainable products for the future.”

Dan Andersson

Sales Manager Advanced Materials

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